Columba Leadership is funded by more than 40 investors, most of which are Blue Chip Corporations who not only share our vision, but have a vested interest in making South Africa work. Recently Dr. Johan Rupert became our largest benefactor. Our programme costs between 50 and 80% less than similar programmes. This is before accounting for the impact multiplier which occurs from working inside the school system, clustering schools and leveraging off the existing school system. The programme is run for each subsequent cohort of Grade 10’s.

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Saki Missaikos - Chief Executive, Internet Solutions

Columba Leadership has added purpose to our business. Our staff work hard but they willing give up their time to attend the program.

Saki Missaikos
Chief Executive, Internet Solutions
Victoria Ward - HR Director, Merchants SA

Throughout my career I have participated in countless leadership development programs none of which have come close to achieving the transformational impact of attending this academy. I have observed a significant transformation in the conversations around our boardroom table. My experience contributed significantly to improving my own role at work and to winning the IPN HR Manager of the year in 2013.

Victoria Ward
HR Director, Merchants SA
Victoria Ward - HR Director, Merchants SA

I was truly humbled by the incredible Columba Leadership experience I was so privileged to enjoy with the students from Fumana Comprehensive School. These young adults were amazing and I have no doubt that they will make an incredible contribution to their school, their community and to this wonderful Rainbow Nation!

Joel Stransky
Pivotal Capital (Pty) Ltd