Japi Msimanga - A Columba Values Champion

I am truly grateful for the programme and its impact. The programme made me to understand my learners better, because before then I never had a close relationship with my learners. My focus point was exclusively teaching and learning, but after the academy I understood my learners better and the fact that learners contain wealth and potential that I as a VC must stir, inspire, and nurture. For instance, because of the academy I observed that I have good leadership qualities and I can also lead debate and public speaking. As a VC I learned to cultivate a good relationship with my learners to such an extent that I supported them beyond my job description. The programme really brought a change into our school community, because as the VCs and the team, before we can get cleaners, we used to take it upon our shoulders to clean the school community. I am thankful for the program. Lastly, the program sensitizes me not to give up or lose hope on learners who are troublemakers.

Japi Msimanga
a Columba Values Champion
Ntumediseng High School Endorsement

The introduction of the program at our school was a great blessing as it came at the time when our school was plagued by negative elements of gangsterism , ill-discipline ,poor academic performance , dilapidated infrastructure and low teacher morale . It ignited within us, the passion to turn our institution into a school on the path to excellence. It came in as the third arm of support for development and progress.
Through the new shared vision of a school on the path to excellence, we successfully managed to incorporate the six Columba Values into our school plans.
We attribute our success to the invaluable support and guidance from Columba officials. We cannot articulate our achievements as a school without highlighting the important role played by Columba Leadership in our success.

Ntumediseng High School Endorsement
V.L Mathe - Temple Valley Secondary School Principal

Columba has led Temple Valley Secondary step by step to greater heights.It has taught and equipped learners and educators with resilience, hard-working ethics and dedication. Thank you Columba, we would not be where we are without you. Forward with Columba forward!

V.L Mathe
Temple Valley Secondary School Principal
Johannes Buthelezi - CPUT lecture

My experience with Columba Leadership was astonishing, incredible and informative. I am convinced that the learners that joint me in this experience will be agent of change at their school, community and in their families. I have seen transformation in my life and from those I used to work with since I have encountered the six values from the program.

Johannes Buthelezi
CPUT lecture
Saki Missaikos - Chief Executive, Internet Solutions

Columba Leadership has added purpose to our business. Our staff work hard but they willing give up their time to attend the program.

Saki Missaikos
Chief Executive, Internet Solutions
Victoria Ward - HR Director, Merchants SA

Throughout my career I have participated in countless leadership development programs none of which have come close to achieving the transformational impact of attending this academy. I have observed a significant transformation in the conversations around our boardroom table. My experience contributed significantly to improving my own role at work and to winning the IPN HR Manager of the year in 2013.

Victoria Ward
HR Director, Merchants SA
Victoria Ward - HR Director, Merchants SA

I was truly humbled by the incredible Columba Leadership experience I was so privileged to enjoy with the students from Fumana Comprehensive School. These young adults were amazing and I have no doubt that they will make an incredible contribution to their school, their community and to this wonderful Rainbow Nation!

Joel Stransky
Pivotal Capital (Pty) Ltd


Western Cape Government Education-Metro East District
01 June 2018